Back Alley Generator

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I really love to build scenes like a back alley. It's allways not easy get all the assets together. Even when you have a whole assetpack or something else.
And I thought, if there is a way to make it more easy to create scenes like this. 
With this Geometry Node Setup it's really easy to create scenes like this!

V1.1 is for Blender 3.1 and above :)

The Blender file includes these Assets:

  • Street Light
  • Wires
  • Shafts
  • Trash / Trash bins
  • Windows
  • Pipe
  • ACs
  • Light Signs
  • Rolling Gates 
  • Neon Lights

With this Geometry-Nodes Setup you:

  • Can create a back alley scene in minutes.
  • Can edit all the assets, delete or replace them.
  • Will get a texture templates for light signs. 

I hope that Tool will help you and you have a lot of fun with it :) 

Thank you for the support! 

I want this!

Back Alley Generator

0 ratings
I want this!